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Image Financial planning
The thought that a person can have financial health is often associated with the ability to inherit ...
By Becky
On Thursday 13th May 2021
Image A Minute Into The Future
A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing, the future.

Once in a w...
By Vegetarian
On Wednesday 12th May 2021
Image Women Taking Over Technology
What is technology?
The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especiall...
By Beth
On Tuesday 11th May 2021
Am learning, am learning to let go, to forgive and to forget.
No matter what happens in life ...
By Isaac
On Monday 10th May 2021
Cynthia is an adopted child. She was adopted at a very young age. Her mother could not take care of ...
By Maureen
On Friday 7th May 2021
Image Friend or foe
The current generation is a generation that exists within the belief that relationships are mainly b...
By Becky
On Thursday 6th May 2021
Image Love for The Cats
You may have a big dog yes but that dog's crush is the cat next door. The first thing you notic...
By Vegetarian
On Wednesday 5th May 2021
Image What Is Racism?
What does racism exactly mean?

People say it's discrimination between the colore...
By Beth
On Tuesday 4th May 2021
I miss those good old days, the days of my campus life, when I knew nothing like stress and struggle...
By Isaac
On Monday 3rd May 2021
Image A valid dream
Dreams are a major part of living and believing. Each individual growing up has a specific expectati...
By Becky
On Thursday 29th April 2021

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